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Order Information for Jerome Callet Mouthpieces 
Trumpet mouthpiece in silver plate: $175 
Cornet mouthpiece in silver plate: $175
Flugelhorn mouthpiece in silver plate: $175
a) specify make of flugelhorn so we can match for correct fit
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Canada: $30 (any quantity)
Worldwide: all other destinations $40 (any quantity)
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About the Mouth Pieces

Since their introductions in spring of 2016, the 1ss and its shallower brother, the 1sb, have become our #1 sellers. Both were specifically designed by Jerry to help players struggling with chop problems. Both are small and unforgiving so they work like a bold ‘stop signal’ to close down as soon as your proper embouchure starts to lose its grip. By keeping you centered, these mouthpieces immediately increase power, pitch, range, and endurance. Plus, chop problems are immediately identified and avoided!

• Diameter: similar to a Bach 20 (.582”, 19/32nds”, 15mm) 
• Cup shape: copy of extremely efficient Harry James double cup design
• Cup size on 1ss*: medium-shallow initial cup with shallow second cup for greatly improved range, power, and endurance
• Cup size on 1sb**: shallow initial cup with extra shallow second cup for maximum range, power, and endurance
• Rim: adapted from the great Charlie Shavers’ personal rim - wider and more rounded than New York Bach. Extremely comfortable in all ranges
• Throat:29 for superior response and efficiency with less air for added endurance, increased security, and proper focus in the upper range
• Backbore: narrower but longer than a standard New York Bach for greatly improved intonation from low F# to double C and beyond
• Outer shape: triple contour for quickest response, dependable attack, and increased projection

*Superchops 1ss also available in cornet and flugelhorn versions
**Superchops 1sb has same diameter cup as 1ss model but 2 steps shallower. The result is added brilliance and even easier high register. Many professionals are adapting both models depending on the musical character. The 1sb is available for cornet as well as trumpet.

Superchops 8 Trumpet Mouthpiece


New fully balanced 'Classical' design from Jerome Callet. Specially made for all trumpeters accustomed to a wide diameter comparable to a Bach 1 1/2 C. The SC8 produces an exceptionally wide, fat and powerful tone while retaining the added endurance, superior intonation, and easy upper range which characterize all Callet mouthpieces.

• Diameter: similar to a Bach 1 1/2 (.660, 42/64th, 16.7mm) 
• Cup shape: copy of extremely efficient Dominick Calicchio double cup design
• Cup size: medium-shallow initial cup with shallow second cup for greatly improved range and endurance
• Rim: wider and more rounded than New York Bach - extremely comfortable in all ranges
• Throat:29 for remarkable efficiency with less air for added endurance and secure upper range
• Backbore: smaller and longer than a standard New York Bach for greatly improved intonation from low F# to double C and beyond
• Outer shape: triple contour for quickest response, dependable attack, and exceptional power


Superchops 3 Trumpet Mouthpiece


The Superchops 3 trumpet mouthpiece has an exceptionally centered tone with increased clarity and power. The rich tone quality, with spot-on intonation from lowest register to above double high C, is truly astounding. With the easiest performance ever, the SC3 provides the greatest playing improvement for all players. Time needed to switch from 7C to 10½ C sizes is about 1 to 2 weeks. For more information, please contact me by telephone (203) 849-9245 USA or email (

• Most perfect and even blow of any mouthpiece ever built. 

Note: Please visit MSC Forum
for the feedback (after the date of March 22nd, 2009).

• Diameter: similar to a Bach 10 1/2 
• Cup and rim: copy of Calicchio design
• Cup: medium-shallow double cup
• Rim: wider, more rounded, and extremely comfortable
• Throat: 29
• Backbore: Smaller than standard New York Bach
• Traditional exterior shape
• Also, available in flugelhorn and cornet versions

Superchops 4 Trumpet Mouthpiece


For players seeking a slightly wider cup and even wider sound than the Superchops 3 while retaining most of the dense core, controlled focus, and superb projection of the Superchops 3.

• Diameter: Bach 7C size. Slightly wider than Superchops 3
• Same type of wide rim as Superchops 3
• Same type of cup, throat and backbore as Superchops 3

Superchops 3s Trumpet Mouthpiece

This is an extra copy of a standard Superchops 3 but with an extra shallow cup like a Superchops 6.

Superchops 6 Trumpet Mouthpiece


For players seeking an even more focused sound with the densest core and most powerful projection possible.

• Diameter: Bach 7C size
• Very shallow double cup, 29 throat, same longer backbore as
the Superchops 4
• Same wide, exceptionally comfortable rim as Superchops 4
• May require additional acclimation time for players not yet 
proficient on a very shallow cup

Extensive testing of this mouthpiece with a large number of highly advanced players has shown that the SC6, in the right hands, is a nearly magical mouthpiece. The very shallow cup requires a highly advanced embouchure. An embouchure which allows the lips to blow forward will result in premature bottoming-out. However, for those that are ready for a shallow cup the results are truly amazing. For these players, the sound is actually BIGGER than the already very large sound of the SC4. Ease and endurance in the upper range are exceptional with no loss in focus or richness. Numerous advanced lead players have found the magic in this mouthpiece. Yet surprisingly, the sound of this mouthpiece is so big that it is even being used in professional orchestras in the U.S. and Europe.